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Dermatologist & Skin Cancer Surgeon

Emily Arsenault, MD, FAAD, is 9-time People’s Choice Winner for Excellence in Skin Care


Arsenault Dermatology is One of the Most Complete Dermatology Centers in Florida. Created over 10 years ago by Dr. Emily Arsenault, an award-winning dermatologist, in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Arsenault Dermatology offers a full range of skin care services, including mole checks, skin cancer screening, skin cancer surgery, and full body mole mapping.

Our highly skilled dermatologists cover all aspects of general dermatology including removal of cysts, and all kinds of skin growths; treatment of warts and keloids; surgical revision of scars; mole removal; and treatment of psoriasis, skin allergies and hair loss. We also offer the latest in chemical peels, microdermabrasion, the treatment of acne, photodynamic laser therapy, and more.

In addition, we provide the most advanced treatments for broken blood vessels, rosacea, and facial redness. We offer Botox® for hyperhidrosis as well as a variety of cosmetic dermatology procedures designed to improve the overall appearance of your skin and your looks. View Dr. Emily’s Full Bio


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Industry-leading Scheduling System Reduces Patient Wait Times

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Award Winning Staff Delivers Individualized Treatment Plans

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We Offer The Latest Cosmetic Treatments

Become the most beautiful you. We offer Botox®, Juvederm, Voluma and Sciton BBL. Arsenault Dermatology offers a full range cosmetic procedures and treatments to strengthen the health and look of your skin. Let Dr. Emily Arsenault and her amazing staff create an individualized treatment plan to help you become the perfect you.

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Leaders in Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Emily talks about the benefits of using a dermatoscope in fighting skin cancer.

Cancer Treatment with Minimal Scarring We strive to perform every skin cancer procedure in a way that results in a minimal level of scarring while removing the tumor in its entirety. Our world-class skills have led to us being recognized for our expertise by the Bradenton Herald seven years in a row.

Arsenault Dermatology offers comprehensive family dermatology treatments for patients of all ages. We currently have dermatology centers in Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton, Florida, and serve patients from the nearby areas of Sarasota, Nokomis, Osprey, North Port, Venice, and throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Patient Testimonials

I'm been going to Dr Arsenault for 10+ years. Dr. Emily Arsenault and her staff are the best!

Deborah Walter on July, 21

% Stars Review

The service is first class. from the Dr to the staff. Enjoy my visits.

Richard Bayne on July, 21

% Stars Review

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