Mohs Surgery On Face

July 31st, 2017

Mohs Surgery On Face

This operation was designed in 1930’s by the talented general surgeon, Frederic E. Mohs. Its difference from “traditional” surgery is that a thin margin of skin around a tumor is cut and examined under a microscope during the operation to ensure that all skin cancer had been removed in the operated area. This allows to clean out all skin cancer cells and significantly reduce a risk of its recurrence.  

This method is used to treat skin cancer, particularly on the face, genitals, and fingers because it allows preserving maximum skin tissue that was not affected by the disease.

Mohs surgery offers the following advantages to every patient:

  • It typically does not require hospitalization;
  • Surgical intervention is handled under local anesthesia;
  • The operated area is mapped with high detailing;
  • Histological examination is performed during the operation; samples are taken layer by layer, which increases the quality of a check-up;
  • Due to the highest accuracy, up to 100% of all skin cancer cells are removed.

It is preferable for skin cancers that appear on face, because it allows preserving maximum amount of healthy skin tissues and leaves minimal scarring.

Unluckily, it’s not possible to excise a skin cancer without no scarring at all. Nevertheless, making the scar look as imperceptible as possible after cancer elimination is the second priority after 100% cleaning the tumor out for every professional Mohs surgeon. Every effort is made to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes, but the central goal is to liquidate the entire cancerous growth.

The scarring is not a sentence. It could be corrected later with the help of laser treatment, dermabrasion or anti-scarring medication injections.

Mohs surgery on face in Sarasota and Bradenton

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