Is There Really A Difference Between A Pediatric Dermatologist & An Adult Dermatologist?

April 22nd, 2017

The short answer to this question is YES. As with many medical and non-medical professions, there will always be a small group within the industry that specializes in providing services for children, or other segments. When it comes to your children, you will always want them to receive the best possible care. Much like visiting the dentist or family doctor, someone who specializes in children will be able to best serve the needs of your family.

A Pediatric Dermatologist has received specialized training and education that is specific to meeting the differing and unique needs of children.

For example, kids are typically unable to explain their problems the way adults are. They may be uncooperative during medical exams, or have to spend time in the waiting room. With a Pediatric Dermatologist, the parents can be confident that the medical staff are trained in managing the unique needs that come along with young patients, and expect to have a suitable waiting area. They can be confident the Dermatologist regularly works with babies and kids, and that the medical equipment and procedures being used were especially designed for them. When children receive care from specialists who are experts in dealing with their needs, it’s a pleasant experience for the entire family.

If your child is suffering from any type of skin ailment, a Pediatric Dermatologist can help them from infancy through adolescence. Whether the needs are a diagnosis, treatment or therapy, there is a wide range of skin conditions that children can be born with, or develop, that can be best treated by their Dermatologist:

  • birthmarks
  • eczema
  • nail disorders
  • warts or growths
  • psoriasis
  • dandruff
  • lump, rash, or acne outbreak that your Pediatrician is unable to treat
  • ringworm
  • hair loss
  • bacterial and viral skin infections
  • fungus
  • hives
  • excessive sweating
  • various forms of skin cancer

If your child requires a prescription, or even surgery or a skin biopsy for their skin ailments, your Dermatologist won’t have to refer you to someone else. Your child will be able to receive complete and comprehensive care right in the office, in a comfortable environment.

Pediatric Dermatologist in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch

If your baby, toddler, child, or teenager has any skin issues you are concerned about, or you simply have some questions, your local Pediatric Dermatologist in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch would be pleased to meet with you and your child for a consultation. We specialize in supporting your dermatological needs for the entire family.