Vitamin C: One Of The Easiest Ways To Maintain Your Skin’s Firmness

April 30th, 2017

If you pay any attention to the cosmetic TV and online commercials, you’re likely well-versed with how often the terms collagen, Vitamin C, and firm skin are used.  As we age, particularly us women, it’s normal for skin to lose that firm appearance — this is usually due to a breakdown in collagen.

Collagen is the essentially the glue that keeps our skin together, and it has countless benefits to your body. It reduces joint pains and degeneration, and can boost your metabolism and muscle mass. Most commonly though, we hear about how collagen can help your skin and hair stay healthy. It will help your skin’s elasticity, softness, and moisture levels, all which lead to better-looking skin.

One of the easiest ways to both build and maintain collagen is through the intake of Vitamin C.

When taken orally, it is proven to reduce the length of common colds and even combat things like strokes and cataracts. It’s thought to protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and more.

Although the oral intake benefits are significant, these unfortunately don’t pass well onto the skin. In order to get the extended therapeutic benefits of the vitamin into your skin, it should be applied topically. You can do this via injection, or with a cream onto the skin.

When using a cream, you want to ensure you’re getting the real deal. For best results, a serum that includes Vitamins C and E, along with Melatonin, will deliver the optimal mix for maximum absorbency and therapeutic results.

There’s also plenty of healthy and natural ways to help your skin stay firm:

  • Carrots and tomatoes help to stimulate skin cell growth and build collagen
  • Citrus fruits, strawberries and avocados are jam-packed with Vitamin C
  • Hazelnuts and brazilnuts have the fatty acids that replenish collagen and moisturize skin
  • Olive oil (the extra virgin variety!) provides antioxidants that help combat the damaging effect sun can have on the skin. Some people even apply it directly to the skin after sun exposure, as it’s thought to protect against sun damage.
  • Unfortunately for your skin, it’s the first place to experience deprivation when your body doesn’t have enough water. Your vital organs are more important, so that is where the water goes. Adults should be drinking at least 6 glasses of water every single day.

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